The Magical LED Houseplant

Fluora Mini is part houseplant, part smart light, part digital art-piece. 

It's incredible variety of feelings, textures, and vibes lead to more memorable moments with loved ones.

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Make your Home the Destination

Fluora Mini is the new digital fireplace. 

It is loaded with mesmerizing animations that swirl and pulse to life in over 16 million color combinations.

Set and schedule content with our mobile app, or let Fluora set the vibe on its own. 

Life in Color

Helps you wake up, focus, relax and sleep

Music reactive

Takes gaming to a whole 'nother dimension

Everyday Magic

All the magic of the original Fluora at less than half the price.

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Fluora Makes You Happy

What makes Fluora Mini special is a nature-inspired design, combined with our 3D Lighting Animation Engine. 

It's a symphony of 135 LEDs embedded in 9 leaves, creating an immersive lighting experience that brings any space to life. 

Lighting of the Future

Fluora Mini is the latest experience from the artists, engineers and designers at color+light. 

  • Over $350,000 of Fluora plants sold to delighted customers.
  • Over $10,000,000 of Art Installations created around the world, from Area15 in Las Vegas to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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